Congrats on Hognxia’s MRIN paper published in ACS Nano

Acute liver failure is a critical condition characterized by global hepatocyte death and often time needs a liver transplantation. Such treatment is largely limited by donor organ shortage. Stem cell therapy offers a promising option to patients with acute liver failure. Yet, therapeutic efficacy and feasibility are hindered by delivery route and storage instability of live cell products. We fabricated a nanoparticle that carries the beneficial regenerative factors from mesenchymal stem cells and further coated it with the membranes of red blood cells to increase blood stability. Unlike uncoated nanoparticles, these particles promote liver cell proliferation in vitro and have lower internalization by macrophage cells. After intravenous delivery, these artificial stem cell analogs are able to remain in the liver and mitigate carbon tetrachloride-induced liver failure in a mouse model, as gauged by histology and liver function test. Our technology provides an innovative and off-the-shelf strategy to treat liver failure.



congrats to Adam on his exosome paper accepted for publication at Theranostics

Beautiful work on targeting exosomes to fight heart diseases! With a impact factor of 8.7, Theranostics publishes innovative research articles reflecting the fields of in vitro diagnostics and prognostics, in vivo molecular imaging, molecular therapeutics, image-guided therapy, biosensors, system biology and translational medicine, personalized medicine and a broad spectrum of biomedical research that can be applied to future theranostic applications.

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